Emergency Ordeal: Jade Has A Young And Pregnant Breakdown

Did her mother help -- or hinder -- the situation?

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant's Jade has attempted to move forward since her split from her daughter’s father Sean -- she even got a new look to match her new mindset. But on this week's episode, she became overwhelmed and had to make an emergency appointment with her doctor.

Jade, who was crying in bed, told her mother Christy (and a nurse from her doctor’s office via a phone call) that she couldn’t eat or sleep and felt like she was having a panic attack. So Christy took Baby Kloie for the night so Jade could get some sleep (after asking for money to spend the night at a hotel…), and Jade saw her doctor the next day.

“He gave me a new kind of medicine, so instead of the antidepressant that I was on after I had the baby for the postpartum [depression], he put me on Ativan,” she told her mom by phone after the appointment.

But Christy only made matters worse. “Be careful,” she said. “You have addictive behavior in your family, so just watch it.”

When Jade returned home and reunited with her daughter, her mom had some more thoughts on the situation.

“You could be bipolar, when you have manic ups and manic downs,” Christy said.

But Jade was sure it was her never-ending stress that had been causing her breakdowns, not mental illness.

“I feel like some of this stuff is just hard to handle all at the same time,” she said. “Me and [Sean] splitting up, me taking care of [Kloie], me paying the bills -- all of this other stuff. It just makes me overwhelmed. That’s why I wish me and Sean got along better, so I can be like, ‘Hey, do you mind taking her?’ and it wasn’t this big ordeal.”

Speaking of ordeals, will Jade’s situation improve now that she and Sean are over for good and she’s getting help? And was Christy really helping Jade in this situation or making it even more stressful? Tell us your thoughts, then keep watching Young and Pregnant Mondays at 10/9c.