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Troye Sivan Reveals The Inspiration Behind His New Album: 'I Didn't Want To Bullshit Anybody'

'Bloom' drops on August 31

Troye Sivan's second album, Bloom, is due out this Friday (August 31), and it promises to be a bit of a reintroduction for the 23-year-old. His first album, Blue Neighbourhood, dropped when he was barely out of his teen years; in the three years since, Sivan has come into his musical identity as well as his personal one — and Bloom is his first showcase of that.

You can see it in his physical appearance: Sivan subbed in blond-washed hair for his brown mop-top and lingered shirtlessly in the "My My My!" music video, which dropped in early 2018. In a new interview with them., Sivan unpacks his journey to writing an album that, simply put, felt more honest than what he'd done before.

"A big thing for me with this album is, I wanted to write music that didn't feel like — I'm sorry — bullshit," Sivan said in the interview. "I didn't want to bullshit anybody. I live in this very particular, surreal world where I hang out almost exclusively with queer people. I live 10 minutes from West Hollywood, which is like one of the gayest places in the world."

"You know, for me, this is really real life, being able to celebrate these things," he continued, "being able to talk about these things, and just being as open and honest as you want, and I didn't want to come to this album writing for anyone but me and my friends."

He also mentions how his acting and musical careers coexist — earlier this year, he revealed how he would've liked to audition for Elio (Timothée Chalamet's role) in Call Me By Your Name — though how his emphasis continues to be on music: "I'm definitely more comfortable in music, maybe because I've been making music my entire life, professionally for a few years. Acting, for me, is still something that's scary. There are a lot of unknowns."

Sivan is also asked about the title track, "Bloom," and whether or not it's on his own sex playlist. The short answer? No. However, he said, "I hope it's on everyone's sex playlist except for my own."

Bloom also features the tender "Animal" as well as his Ariana Grande collaboration, "Dance to This," a peak in their ever-expanding friendship. That relationship was captured in a Paper magazine interview earlier this month, in which Grande summed up her love for Sivan with much fanfare.

"I am obsessed with you," she said to him. "I think you are everything that pop music needs and I think your stage presence and your voice and your aesthetic and literally everything about your artistry is so divine, and I have been the biggest fan of you since forever."

When Bloom drops on Friday, Grande likely won't be the only one singing Sivan's praises that way. Read the whole thing over at them.

Sivan is also heading out on a tour across North America this fall, kicking off September 21 in Irving, Texas. Check out ticket info right here.