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The Astrological Signs As BTS Songs Because Loving Yourself Is A Big Leo Mood

Find out which song from 'Love Yourself: Answer' best matches your sign πŸ’«

It should come as no surprise that record-breaking Korean group BTS is bursting with Virgo energy. How else would they have released their ambitious, meticulously plotted compilation album Love Yourself: Answer just a few short months after dropping their chart-topping LP, Love Yourself: Tear? Hardworking, perfectionist Virgos know how to get things done efficiently, and BTS is blessed to have two of them in their ranks: leader RM and the group's youngest (and strongest) member, Jungkook.

Seeing how Answer kicked off the first weekend of Virgo season in style β€” leading with every Leo's boisterous new anthem "IDOL" β€” let's match the rest of the album with the right celestial energy.

(Full disclosure: I am a Virgo sun, Aquarius ascendant, Leo moon, and *sexy whisper voice* Sugaaa is my bias. Credit goes to Genius and @doyou_bangtan for the English translations.)

  • Aries (March 21 β€” April 19): "Trivia θ΅·: Just Dance"

    Out of the rap line's three solo tracks on Answer, it makes sense that Bangtan's resident hype man and ray of sunshine, J-Hope, was behind "Trivia θ΅·: Just Dance." It's the funky future-bass anthem that fiery Aries needs to expel all of that restless energy in a healthy, active way. Assertive Aries is always on the move β€” they seriously can't sit still β€” and now they have the perfect song to listen to while plotting world domination.

    Biggest mood: "Hey, dance with me dance with me / Any kind of bounce is fine, dance with me"

  • Taurus (April 20 β€” May 20): "Serendipity"

    When it comes to love, Taurus is persistent. It's in their bullish nature to hold onto things, which makes Jimin's soft and sweet love ballad the song for you. Jimin just wants to love deeply and be loved in return, you know? While easygoing Taurus might scoff at the idea of "love at first sight" and prefer to move at their own pace β€” they don't have time for games β€” when they find someone worth holding onto, they won't let go. (Sometimes to their own detriment.)

    Biggest mood: "I don't wanna let go, no"

  • Gemini (May 21 β€” June 20): "Fake Love"

    It's not that you can't trust a Gemini, but they're extremely hard to read. There's a natural duality to Geminis, and they often lack the self-awareness to know when their occasionally fickle actions affect others. They're affectionate one minute and aloof the next; they hate routine and grow bored easily. As such, "Fake Love" (BTS's first Top 10 single on the U.S. charts) is more or less a song about what it's like to love a Gemini, when you give so much of yourself to someone only to lose yourself in the process. But don't be too harsh on the Twins; they're just curious beings who can't be tied down.

    Biggest mood: "I'm so sick of this fake love"

  • Cancer (June 21 β€” July 22): "DNA"

    The moody, emotional core of the zodiac, Cancers are always all up in their dizzying array of feelings, and they have a tendency to grow emotionally attached very quickly. But they love unconditionally, and a song like "DNA" β€” a fizzy banger bolstered by whistles, guitar, and EDM beats β€” is all about falling head first into a blinding, cosmic type of love.

    Biggest mood: "From the day of the universe’s creation and beyond / Through the infinite centuries and beyond / In the previous life and maybe the next too / We're eternally together"

  • Leo (July 23 β€” August 22): "IDOL"

    No one embodies confidence quite like charismatic Leo. Constantly starved for attention, a Leo tends to stand out in any crowd with their loud, gregarious nature. But it's their tenacity and ambition that makes them the brightest sign in the zodiac. Simply put, they are the personification of Big Dick Energy. And "IDOL" is a Leo rallying cry, a celebratory anthem about self-love that's larger β€” and louder β€” than life. You can't stop Leo from loving themself.

    Biggest mood: "Whatever the reason for your criticism is / I know what I am / I know what I want / I never gon' change"

  • Virgo (August 23 β€” September 22): "Trivia ζ‰Ώ: Love"

    Clever Virgo overanalyzes everything, so of course rapper RM (a Virgo himself) is waxing poetic all over "Trivia ζ‰Ώ: Love," asking philosophical questions like "Is this love?" and spiraling over his anxieties with sharp wordplay and smooth vocals. RM's ability to process the minutiae of love in such a methodical way is what makes him such a Virgo king. Stop worrying, Virgo, and enjoy the fall.

    Biggest mood: "Before I knew you / My heart was filled with straight lines only"

  • Libra (September 23 β€” October 22): "Trivia 轉: Seesaw"

    Libra strives for harmony and balance, especially when it comes to love. They'll stay in a relationship even if they know it isn't working just to avoid awkward confrontations and loneliness. So there's a lot for a Libra to take away from "Trivia 轉: Seesaw," a standout track on the album that depicts the painful decision to leave a relationship. Lead rapper Suga trades his slick tongue technology for a melodic R&B flow as he laments the "repeating seesaw game" of his failed romance over a disco beat. When one person loves more than the other, the balance is dangerously off β€” and that's no way to live, Libra.

    Biggest mood: "They know they'll get hurt if one person is missing / Because we don't want to be the villains"

  • Scorpio (October 23 β€” November 21): "I'm Fine"

    Scorpios are messy and live for drama, but behind that cool, confident exterior lies deep insecurities. A Scorpio will never let you know how they're really feeling, so even if it looks like they've moved on after a breakup, chances are they're a total mess inside. Still, passionate Scorpio can put on a brave front. That hard-earned emotional resilience is front and center on "I'm Fine." The song is a spiritual continuation of the group's 2016 track "Save Me." Now, however, BTS doesn't need anyone to save them; they can save themselves. And a Scorpio has never had a problem being the hero of their own story.

    Biggest mood: "I'm feeling just fine, fine, fine / I'll keep telling myself / Even if I fall down again / I'm fine"

  • Sagittarius (November 22 β€” December 21): "Euphoria"

    Largely considered to be the happiest sign in the zodiac, optimistic Sagittarius loves adventure, which makes Jungkook's playful solo track "Euphoria" a go-to bop for this fire sign. Co-written by RM, the dreamy pop song revels in the bliss of young love, when everything is still so new and exciting and brilliantly unexpected. The song radiates warmth and happiness, existing in its own colorful world void of life's harsh realities β€” just like a Sag.

    Biggest mood: "Take my hands now / You are the cause of my euphoria"

  • Capricorn (December 22 β€” January 19): "Answer: Love Myself"

    Capricorns are hard-working and reliable β€” which are great qualities, by the way β€” but as a result, uncompromising Caps have a tendency to take on too much and overwork themselves. When it comes to work-life balance, Capricorns are all work and no play, and they hold everyone else to their impossible standards. Sometimes, Capricorn, you have to slow down and practice self-care. Listen to BTS and love yourself. You've earned it.

    Biggest mood: "It's just that loving myself / Doesn't require anyone else's permission"

  • Aquarius (January 20 β€” February 18): "Singularity"

    Flighty Aquarius wears their heart on their sleeve, which makes them prone to heartache. So it's no surprise that an Aquarius can come off as cold or distant when you first meet them. It's a survival instinct. Aquarius is often caught in the middle of their own contradiction β€” friendly and unemotional; rebellious and steadfast β€” not unlike V's somber, reflective solo song, "Singularity." The singer's signature deep, breathy vocals float over the R&B track, which finds him desperately crooning about the turning point in a relationship and the mask he wears to conceal his true feelings. Just like Aquarius, "Singularity" is a frustratingly beautiful riddle.

    Biggest mood: "Have I lost myself / Or have I gained you?"

  • Pisces (February 19 β€” March 20): "Epiphany"

    Precious, selfless Pisces. You're empathetic to a fault. You care so deeply for everyone and everything around you. A natural caretaker, you often forget to take care of yourself. It's time to be a little selfish, Pisces. You're too smart to forgo your own happiness for someone else's. And, hey, you may be indecisive and oversensitive, but you should learn to love your faults. Listen to Jin: "Not so perfect but so beautiful / I'm the one I should love."

    Biggest mood: "I'm the one I should love in this world / Shining me, precious soul of mine"