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Logic Tries An Unorthodox Approach To Scoring A Jay-Z Feature

Will Hov say yes?

Logic is back with "The Return," a Nina Simone-sampling ode to the Maryland rapper's alter ego, Young Sinatra. The new single features Logic wagging his fist at "superficial shit," mumble rap, and his perceived haters. However, he also finds time to go down a list of his wishes, which include collaborating with a legendary rapper and getting an endorsement deal from Nike.

The most interesting penny Logic throws into the metaphorical wishing well is asking Jay-Z for a feature. "I'm callin' out Jay-Z to jump up on the track with me and smack the whole industry / Show 'em what that real rap do," the Nobody rapper spits. He then follows with the proclamation, "The ball's in your court, Hov."

Logic also sends a shot at President Trump during the song's third verse. "Ayo motherfuckin' Trump said that shit on my last album but you wasn't tapping in / Fuck a mumble, let's make America rap again," the "Overnight" artist raps. Besides the groan-worthy play on the President's slogan "Make America Great Again," the bar isn't surprising. Logic's 2018 MTV Video Music Award performance of "One Day" was a powerful statement against the Trump administration's controversial and highly unpopular family separation policy.

Relive the performance below.