Can Ashley And Bar’s Family Move Forward After His Young And Pregnant Apology?

The young dad offered a mea culpa after that birthday party blow-up

Things left off on a very tense note for Ashley and Bar on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant: A major argument broke out at Bar's birthday party, and eventually the situation escalated to the point where he swung at Ashley's sister Chris. Now, on tonight’s premiere, Bar apologized to his future sister-in-law — but is the beef really over for this family?

First, Bar told his fiancée that he was sorry for his actions and agreed he needed to get his temper under control. “I think part of the reason why I need to figure out my anger and work that sh*t out a little bit better is just the single fact that I have a baby now,” he admitted. “I can’t have blowouts like that.”

So, at Ashley’s urging (and with her and Baby Holly watching), Bar and Chris talked over a game of pool.

“The families had been feuding...honestly, it was a bunch of bad-tempered people under a f*cking roof together with the [bad] history,” Bar began. “The way sh*t played out and how it started getting hella physical... It didn’t need to go that far.”

Chris agreed, saying, “It was you was holding your people down, and I was holding mine. But with some stuff that I did and we both did, it didn’t have to go there.”

Bar finished by remarking, “There ain’t no bad blood on my end.” Chris also agreed to move forward.

But can the family really come back from this blowout fight? What will happen next for Ashley and Bar? After all, we have been here before... Tell us your thoughts, and keep tuning into Young and Pregnant Mondays at 10/9c.