Logic's 'One Day' Music Video Is A Stark Portrayal Of Families Separated At The Border

Powerful video, powerful message

Logic has never shied away from delivering important messages in his art. His latest video for "One Day" featuring Ryan Tedder features the story of two men who live vastly different lives.

The Andy Hines-directed visual begins by introducing viewers to an immigrant family trying to cross the border. However, when they are captured, their son is taken to a separate detention center and eventually fostered by an American family. As the video progresses, we see the boy go to high school, college, and end up fulfilling his dream of becoming a doctor.

In contrast, a Caucasian family celebrates their son's birthday and over the course of the seven-minute visual, he is corrupted by anger, hatred, and prejudice. He eventually becomes a neo-Nazi who almost dies as a result of his racism. The twist of the video pushes the two diverging storylines together in an unlikely way, but no spoilers here.

"One Day" features superb cameos from Michael Peña, Judy Reyes, and Luis Guzmán, who all turn in excellent performances. Logic and Ryan Tedder only make a brief appearance during the latter half of the video, but thankfully they will be performing their inspirational hit at the VMAs on Monday (August 20).

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