'Batman V Superman' Director Zack Snyder Is Definitely Not Down With Spoilers

Be cool and stop leaking stuff, guys.

Even though filming has wrapped on "Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice," Zack Snyder's working relationship with the Batmobile is not liable to end any time soon. At San Diego Comic Con, he rolled up to the Hall H line to hand out doughnuts to all the hungry fans -- and recently, he jumped out of it to meet the finalists of the Doritos Crash The Super Bowl ad contest, who are competing to win $1 million and the opportunity to work with Snyder on a project for Warner Brothers.

Funnily, Snyder actually gets more up-close-and-personal time with the Batmobile now than he did on set.

"I do get to get in it quite a bit, more than when we were filming which is funny," he told MTV News over the phone. "When I’m filming, I’m like, ‘Move that thing over there!’ I’m like, mad at it. But after we’re done shooting I’m like, ‘Oh, it’s my best friend! Yaay! Get in it! Love it!’"

"I love the design of it. I love the thing, it drives like crazy. You can skid it around, it’s like a frickin’ race car. And in that way it’s super practical. We did a huge chase with it and it drove, which is cool. It’s got a big Corvette engine in it and it can just run."

Of course, Snyder did not get to drive the car this car this time around, because he was actually hiding in it to surprise the three Doritos finalists on a fake tour of the Warner Brothers set -- which is oddly appropriate when you consider just how obsessed DC Comics fans are with either hiding or revealing any and all "Batman V Superman" spoilers before the movie opens. If you were worried that the latest trailer revealed too much, for example, know that Snyder's pretty confident that there are still lots of surprises in store for you.

"I have the benefit of seeing the movie," he pointed out "It’s cool that they think it’s too much and I appreciate people not wanting to know, but there’s plenty that they don’t know. There’s a lot of movie that’s not in the trailer."

When it comes to actual out-and-out leaks, however -- such as a recent viral Reddit post claiming to be a spoiler-laced review of the unreleased film (which Snyder called "hilarious") -- the director is much less understanding.

“Of course I hate it when any spoilers come out!” he said. “You design the movie as a story that evolves as you watch it, so moment-to-moment [you’re thinking], ‘Oh my god, what’s going to happen next? Are they gonna live? Are they gonna die?’ So you want that experience for the audience, as much as you can. If you’re, as an audience member, exploring these articles, looking for answers to questions that you have, maybe you’re okay with knowing before you go. It’s like an individual taste. But like I said, I want people to see the movie without knowing."

One of the biggest aspects of the movie that fans still don't know much about is the role that Wonder Woman, who's already the most anticipated new comic book character of the year according to Fandango, will play in the chaos. Snyder says that fans are 100% right to be pumped about her, because while she's not the focus of the film she certainly demands attention while onscreen.

"We kind of tried to just listen to Wonder Woman... to preserve her mystery but understand her as much as we can, in the way that we see her in the movie," he said. "You’ve got to listen to Wonder Woman because what Wonder Woman wants, Wonder Woman gets, that’s just how it is."

"I think that Gal [Gadot] is amazing, an amazing Wonder Woman and really – I feel like there’s an atmosphere out in the world where [with] this giant iconographic strong female superhero, it’s time. It’s time for that. It’s long overdue."

Also new to this film is the quirky, manic version of Lex Luthor that Jesse Eisenberg is bringing to the table, which has already become a pretty contentious sticking point among fans -- some found him annoying in the most recent trailer, while others thought he was the best part by far.

"In the trailer, of course he comes across in a very specific way," said Snyder. He and "Argo" screenwriter Chris Terrio had a lot of conversations about the sort of Lex they wanted to write before letting Eisenberg take the reins. "In the movie, he’s like a million times more sophisticated than what you get in 30 seconds. But that’s also the fun of it. That’s why you go to the movies, so you can actually see the context and understand the depth."

Of course, you also go to the movies to finally figure out which spoilers you come across are totally fake and which predications turn out to be true -- which is certainly what we'll all be doing when "Batman V Superman" finally hits theaters on March 25.

Our prediction: stuff's definitely gonna get punched.