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Chvrches Reach For Saturn With Help From Japan's Wednesday Campanella

Let 'Out of My Head' soundtrack your next adventure

At this point, it shouldn't be surprising every time Chvrches drop an exhilarating sugar rush of a song. And yet, each new one feels like a gift! The latest ripper is called "Out of My Head" and though it shares visual branding with the band's latest single, Love Is Dead (from May), it's an entirely new release that dropped Friday (August 3).

While the fact that it rules is not surprising, the guest appearance from Japanese pop group Wednesday Campanella was certainly unexpected — and their presence on the track, too, rules.

The accompanying anime video, which also dropped Friday, sees both the universe and slightly futuristic mass transit taking center stage in a bright bouquet of colors and atmosphere.

"Japan has always been a really special places for Chvrches," singer Lauren Mayberry said in a statement, via Pitchfork. "[Wednesday Campanella's] Kom_I has such a strong, individual voice in her music and how she conducts herself as a person — something that I really admire."

The Japanese group's latest release is called Galapagos, and you can stream it right here.

From the group that values the importance of never saying die, cranking out incredible covers regularly, and shouting choruses to the heavens, "Out of My Head" is another exciting entry in Chvrches's already overflowing catalog of positive, sky-scraping anthems. Check it out above.