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Robyn Is Back! Watch Her Attend A Robyn-Themed Club Night In New Short Film

It previews her heartfelt new single, 'Missing U'

If you've been desperately missing Robyn, rest assured she's been missing you, too.

On Monday (July 30), the "Dancing On My Own" singer kicked off her long-awaited new era with a short film about This Party Is Killing You, a club night dedicated solely to the Swedish singer's music. The party's organizers try to lure Robyn to the Brooklyn bash by flooding her with voicemails from fans who gush about what her music has meant to them. It's all very sweet and emotional, and — spoiler alert! — Robyn does indeed show up to the Robyn-themed party, which is about the most meta thing a celebrity has done since Jonah Hill surprised fans at Jonah Hill Day.

The best part, however, is that the short film also previews Robyn's aptly titled new song, "Missing U," which she says is about "the trippy thing that happens when people disappear." She added on Twitter that it's "a message to my fans, that I've missed them."

"Missing U" officially releases on August 1 and is expected to appear on Robyn's new album — her first since 2010's Body Talk — which she's said will arrive "some time this year." Finally!