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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Earns Her Notorious Status In First On The Basis Of Sex Trailer

Watch Felicity Jones channel RBG and fight for women's rights

Ruth Bader Ginsburg didn't become a hero of the internet and earn the nickname Notorious RBG for nothing. Throughout her prolific 60-year legal career, the 85-year-old Supreme Court Justice has fought for women's rights, advocated for marriage equality, and penned some of the court's most memorable dissents.

So it's no surprise that Ginsburg is the subject of not one but two movies this year — Betsy West and Julie Cohen's RBG documentary and Mimi Leder's On the Basis of Sex, which released its first trailer today (July 16).

In On the Basis of Sex, Felicity Jones plays a young Ginsburg after she graduates from law school at the top of her class in the 1960s and begins her job search. There's only one problem: no one will hire her... because she's a woman. So she turns to teaching at Columbia, where she eventually ends up litigating for the ACLU.

The film depicts how RBG and her tax-lawyer husband Martin Ginsburg (played by Armie Hammer) work together to bring a landmark case in front of the U.S. Court of Appeals that would establish a legal precedent for dealing with gender discrimination. According to the trailer, the film will also boast a soundtrack of plucky female pop songs.

On the Basis of Sex hits theaters on December 25, 2018, which falls in line with Justice Ginsburg's 25th anniversary on the Supreme Court. The occasion alone deserves its very own decorative collar.