Believe It Or Not, Chloe x Halle’s First Song Was 'Terrible'

The sisters talk music as 'therapy' and reflect on their humble beginnings

Chloe x Halle's origin story famously goes like this: they began posting YouTube covers as preteens with exceptionally angelic harmonies; their videos impressed Beyoncé enough to become the first-ever signees to her Parkwood label; they scored opening gigs on Bey's Formation and On The Run II tours; and now they're thriving as both musicians and actresses, on Freeform's Grown-ish. But before all of those dazzling accomplishments, the sister duo — who are MTV's Push: Artist to Watch for the month of July — were just two kids with a self-described "terrible" song to their name.

As Chloe, 20, and Halle, 18, recounted to MTV News, their first taste of the limelight came when they performed together — in matching outfits, no less — at a summer camp talent show, nabbing the first-place prize with their cover of "Summertime." That prompted them to try crafting original tunes of their own, which turned out to be a weirdly somber experience.

"I remember the very first song we wrote, it was called 'What Makes You Sad' and we wrote down a long list of what makes us sad," Chloe recalled, as Halle joined her in singing one of the most memorable lines: "What makes you sad? / Losing your loved one.'"

"It was a terrible, terrible song," Chloe laughed, adding, "[But] we built from there and kept growing and, you know, getting better."

All of that growth and improvement is laid out on the sisters' recently released debut album, The Kids Are Alright, which boasts bangers like "Hi Lo," ballads like "Cool People," and anthems like the self-assured title track, which is basically the exact opposite of "What Makes You Sad." Chloe told MTV News the song is all about empowering young people to "raise our voices," and that's exactly what the sisters are doing with their music — even if the description on their YouTube channel ("just two girls who love making music in our living room") is much too modest to encapsulate it.

"Just knowing that I get to do this with my best friend — we're just making music that we enjoy, and it's therapy for us when we create," Chloe explained. "And seeing how it affects all of these souls and how they're receiving it so well... it really, really means a lot to us."

Check out an exclusive, magical performance of Chloe x Halle's "The Kids Are Alright" below.