Floribama Sneak Peek: Where Is Kortni Peeing This Time?

We're feeling a whole lotta déjà vu

Kortni used a bed and a trash can as toilets during the first season of MTV Floribama Shore. And since a leopard cannot change its spots, the PCB local's unique bathroom tendencies are continuing as she returns to her MTV potty stomping grounds.

"What if she pees in your bed again?" Codi asks Candace in the sneak peek above.

Candace's response: "Kortni might be drunk, but the bitch ain't stupid."

And soon enough, Krazy Kortni relieves herself -- and it isn't in the lavatory. To find out where she...went...watch the clip above. And do not miss the entire crew when MTV Floribama Shore begins on Monday at 10/9c!