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Jared Leto Is Getting Caught In Spider-Man’s Web As Another Dark Villain

One more role for his comic book résumé

Make some room, Joker — Jared Leto has another comic book antihero in his heart! The actor has officially signed on to star in Morbius, Sony's Spider-Man spinoff movie, multiple outlets report.

First introduced in the Amazing Spider-Man comics, Dr. Michael Morbius is a scientist who attempts to cure his rare blood disease, but ends up turning himself into a blood-thirsty vampiric creature.

Even though Morbius fights Spider-Man in the comics, unfortunately, we won't see Leto face off against spunky Tom Holland in any of the Marvel movies. Much like Sony's upcoming Venom spinoff starring Tom Hardy, Morbius is not under the MCU umbrella. This also means that, like Venom, we can expect Leto's flick to favor a darker vibe, allowing him to fully flex his villainous muscles.

Suicide Squad fans need not worry about the Joker — Leto is still signed on to reprise his role as Batman's nemesis in a few upcoming projects, including Suicide Squad 2 and his own standalone movie.

Variety reports that Morbius has no release date yet, but is expected to start production this year.