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Cardi B Already Knows How She'll Handle The Stripper Conversation With Her Daughter

'I'm going to tell her everything.'

Cardi B is unabashedly real in a music industry that seldom thrives on that rare and specific quality. The Invasion of Privacy rapper recently showed off her intimate baby-bump photo with Offset for the cover of Rolling Stone, but that isn't the only surprising portion of the profile. In her interview, Cardi describes how she will handle speaking with her daughter about stripping as a profession.

"I'm going to tell her everything. Everything," Cardi said. "You have a choice. I could maintain you. I could spoil you if you go to college. Or if you want to be independent, go ahead."

Cardi then details how she would discuss the subject of stripping if it is a job her daughter wanted to pursue.

"When you a teenager and you 18, 19, you can't get no job that pays you more than $200 a week," she continued. "You want to become a stripper? 'Cause I became a stripper 'cause I ain't have no choice. You gonna be getting your ass smacked by n----- that have less money than you, less of an education than you, but they going to feel like they better than you because they feel like you need them. You want to live like that? That's how I'm going to talk to my kid."

Tough conversations with her daughter aren't the only things the "I Like It" star has to worry about right now. Earlier in the interview, Cardi briefly discusses how she hopes to juggle motherhood with the challenges of touring with Bruno Mars starting in September.

"What I envision is my tour bus has my own personal room, and I just want to be with my baby," she said. "Only time I don't have my baby with me is when I'm getting my hair done, makeup done, performing. I don't want to miss one second. I don't want to miss no smiles, I don't want to miss no new movement, I don't want the baby to confuse me and the babysitter."

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