The Most Bromantic Moments Vinny and Pauly D Have Shared On Family Vacation

Bromittment included

And you thought there'd only be one romantic proposal on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

In a move we've seen coming for years, the never-ending bromance between Vinny and Pauly D culminated in Vegas with an official "bromittment ceremony" between the longtime best friends after not one but two bro-posals. (Vin jokingly popped the question back in Miami, while Pauly repeated the honors in Vegas.)

The adorable duo exchanged vows in front of Elvis, Mike and Ronnie at a quintessential Las Vegas chapel, with Pauly dubbing Vinny "the one" ever since he walked into the Seaside shore house.

"Pauly, we don't look like we belong together," Vinny confessed. "You're orange, I'm pale. You have muscles, and I don't. But at the end of the day, you're the yin to my yang, and I want to do T-shirt time together for the rest of our lives."

Once Paulinny consummated the ceremony with a big bear hug, we couldn't help but swoon... and take a look back at some of their other sweetest moments from family vacation. Here are our faves:

  • Wake up, Keto Guido! (Every. Single. Morning.)
  • Their unforgettable Titanic moment, not to mention that jet-ski
  • When one is gone, he's still right there... be it on a can of hair gel or some keto string cheese
  • Forever each other's wingman, single or not
  • Because someone's got to drink all the booze
  • They don't ever hold back (tell us how you really feel, Pauly!)
  • When they're together, their fun never ends
  • Leave it to Pauly D to teach his bestie how to eat like a proper Italian
  • The explanation chain, which really needs no explanation
  • Two words: You cheated
  • Evidence these two were inseparable on family vacation
  • Really, there is only one woman for Pauly D. Her name is Victoria

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