Everybody Loves Winnie Harlow (And Here’s Some Proof)

The top model is playing 'Talking Spit' on ‘Wild ’N Out’ -- and even makes that look good

Just remember, everyone: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

In a sneak peek of this week’s Wild ’N Out, model Winnie Harlow (okay, fine -- everyone knows she’s gorgeous) plays a game of Talkin’ Spit with host Nick Cannon and, in the process, gets a compliment from funnygal Justina Valentine.

“You are so beautiful, girl,” she begins. “We actually have a lot in common because everyone tells me I should be a supermodel.”

Everyone except fellow WNO comedian Emmanuel Hudson, that is. He quickly shoots off a couple of biting -- and kinda hilarious -- retorts. (Note to Emmanuel: Beauty. Is. In. The. Eye. Of. The. Beholder. Plus Justina's pretty hot.)

Watch the video to see all the dissing -- and to see Julia Young and Conceited totally roast Nick Cannon along the way -- then be sure to tune in to Wild ’N Out this Thursday and Friday at 11/10c (Winnie's episode is on the latter day).