Is Social Media Star Baby Ariel -- Gasp! -- A Fraud?

At least one of the comedians on 'Wild ’N Out' sure seems to think so

Will the real baby please stand up?

In a sneak peek of tonight’s Wild ’N Out, social media sensation Baby Ariel’s identity is questioned during a game of Talking Spit, but not before Chico Bean insults her sneakers.

That's not the only ribbing Ariel endures: Tonio Skits then takes the stage and announces, “I’m gonna get straight to the point, Baby Ariel. I don’t know who named you, but we’re on Wild ’N Out, and we’re going to find out who the real baby is.”

So who’s the real baby? (Hint: Tonio brings out a surprise guest). Watch the clip to see the hilarious reveal, then catch Wild ’N Out tonight at 11/10c.