Tyga And Nick Cannon Just Had A Rap Battle

It’s all going down on this week’s 'Wild ’n Out'

Is Tyga about to be beaten at his own game?

In a sneak peek of this week’s Wild ’N Out, the rapper goes head-to-head with host Nick Cannon during a game of Pick Up and Kill It. The objective: Both men have to freestyle about a specific topic, and the one who raps the best wins. The subject of this particular competition: foreign cars.

“’Lambos and ’Rarris, Bugattis, I got ’em -- even them low-riders, you know I hop ’em,” Nick begins with a vengeance.

Tyga then starts his rap, followed by more rhymes from Nick -- but who wins? Does Tyga prove he's the king of rap? Or does does Nick slay him? Watch the clip to find out, then catch two episodes of Wild ’N Out this Thursday beginning at 11/10c.