All The Proof You Need That Rick Ross Isn't Exactly Marriage Material

But we’re still betting you’d get a helluva rock

If you had to convince someone to marry you, what would you list as your best attributes?

Rick Ross answers that very question via a game of Vowing Out on this week’s Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ’N Out premiere, during which he pulls out all the stops (and does a whole lot of bragging) to woo a gorgeous “bride-to-be.”

“Baby, you deserve the world,” he begins in the sneak peek, below. “Becoming my wife, you get half of everything I own -- half of my 30 restaurants, half of my 40 cars, half of my eight houses.”

But there’s just one (hilarious) problem with being Rick’s bride. Watch the clip to find out what it is -- and why he might not be marriage material -- then catch Wild ’N Out this Thursday at 11/10c.