The 9 Biggest Brawls Of Young And Pregnant's Very First Season

Some were on-camera -- and some were behind-the-scenes

Whether arguing with their baby daddies, their moms, their baby daddies’ moms, or, in some cases, all of the aforementioned at the same time, Brianna, Jade, Ashley and Kayla -- lucky Lexi was spared! -- had some seriously dramatic confrontations this season on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.

Now that this chapter has come to a close, we're rehashing the cast’s nine most heated fights that occurred both on and off-camera. Check them out below, and stay tuned to MTV News for more Teen Mom updates!

  1. Jade and Christy

    Christy had been crashing with Jade and Sean while trying to get back on her feet. But when Jade asked her mom to return her key after overstaying her welcome, Christy stormed out in a huff and muttered that her daughter had an “attitude” and was rude for kicking out her own flesh and blood.

  2. Jade and Sean

    These two have had their fair share of quarrels, but we’ll never forget that big one where Sean feigned sickness to get out of dinner with Jade and her entire family -- after he promised he’d attend. This argument was the final straw in their relationship, and afterward, Jade gave back her engagement ring.

  3. Brianna, Jessica and Danae

    An off-camera argument between Brianna and Danae -- which escalated when Bri’s mother got involved -- ended with the new mom calling the cops and kicking Danae out of their house. She took him back this time, though, eventually opting to stay the night with her beau at his hotel because she missed him.

  4. Brianna and Danae

    The beginning of the end for these two was when Brianna told Danae she felt like he had tricked her into going to Chicago for longer than the few weeks they’d agreed upon. He was livid at such an accusation, screaming at her, “You can go! You can leave!” -- and punching a hole through his mom’s closet door in the process.

  5. Brianna and Danae at the reunion

    The exes came face-to-face at the reunion after neither seeing nor speaking to each other after their split. Once their moms joined them onstage, it became a messy “he said/she said” -- Danae and Robin accused Bri of not answering the phone when Danae was babysitting Braeson, but she called out their lies... before bursting into tears and storming off set.

  6. Jaime and Stephan

    Kayla’s mother was upset to find Stephan had used her debit card without permission, but was more upset he broke the rule that he couldn’t be in the house without her present. After overhearing Jaime talk to Kayla about the situation from another room, Stephan got angry when she said she felt bad for Baby Izaiah. The defensive dad then got all up in Jaime’s face, called her “goofy,” and almost turned things physical.

  7. Bar, Tea and Ted

    One fight that did get physical transpired between Bar and Ashley’s mom and stepdad, Tea and Ted. Though it wasn’t caught on camera, the altercation was so intense the cops were called and Bar was arrested. Tea didn’t allow him back in her home -- and didn’t accept her daughter’s future husband -- until he apologized to them a few episodes later.

  8. Ashley and Shen

    Ashley and Bar’s mom Shen had their first major tiff at Baby Holly’s shower, where the mom-to-be and the outspoken grandma called each other names (and cursed each other out) after each of the women’s “petty” behavior during the party.

  9. Ashley and Shen...again

    And clearly celebrations are bad luck for these ladies, as they fought again when Shen showed up uninvited to the surprise party Ashley threw for Bar. Later, when the man of the hour arrived and learned Ashley’s sister Chris “swung” at his mama, he threw a punch at Chris... and all hell broke loose.