The 9 Biggest Reveals From The Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant Reunion

Do Danae and Brianna still talk? Did Stephan ever apologize to Jaime? Find out now!

There were some pretty major moments throughout Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’s inaugural season, from brawls with baby daddies to nasty breakups (and, in some cases, reconciliations). And though the finale left a few things open-ended for Brianna, Kayla, Lexi, Ashley and Jade, the reunion -- hosted by fellow young mama Angela Simmons -- thankfully resolved a whole lot of our lingering questions.

Scroll down to find out the nine biggest queries we had after the series wrapped -- and the answers given at the women's sitdowns. Then tell us what you think of the big reveals, what other questions you wish were answered at the reunion and if you're surprised by any of the moms' revelations. And stay with MTV News for more Teen Mom scoop!

  1. Do Danae and Brianna still talk?

    Nope! Danae admitted he’s called his ex multiple times since their split, but she never picked up because “you’re not in my life.” Maybe it’s also because Bri and Robert are still together?

  2. Did Brianna keep her promise to let Danae see Braeson after their split?

    Yes, the baby spent one night with Danae, but it didn't go well. Danae claimed he kept calling Brianna that night for help and she never answered because she was out with another guy (Robert). Bri said Danae was lying and she did pick up the phone, but stopped once he called her a “whore” and asked to talk about their relationship.

  3. Does Stephan have any regrets?

    Sorta. Stephan -- who insinuated he and Kayla were still hooking up -- admitted what he did on the show, especially to her mom Jaime, was “wrong” and “immature.”

  4. Did Stephan and Jaime ever make up after their confrontation?

    Also sorta. But it turns out Jaime and Stephan were and still are closer than we thought. “Jaime was damn near my best friend. She was mom away from mom,” he admitted. “That’s what kinda triggered my explosion, for you to be someone that I considered a mother... for you to say something like that [about Izaiah] kind of hit me off guard, and that’s when all logic went out the window.”

  5. Does Lexi still see a future with Kyler?

    Definitely, despite Kyler friend-zoning her many a time. “He can make me mad for ten minutes but at the end of the day, I’m still in love with Kyler,” she admitted. “Honestly, even if I was just his girlfriend for the rest of my life, I’d be happy. I’d love a ring, but still.”

  6. Are Jade and Sean back together?

    They’re getting there! “He has my heart,” Jade admitted, as Sean chimed in, “We are working on making things better.” However, they are no longer engaged.

  7. Was Christy’s past really as bad as it seemed?

    Nope! “I have a misdemeanor, two misdemeanor crimes and I did 135 days in jail because I violated my probation,” Jade's mom confessed, insisting she wasn’t in and out of jail during her daughter's childhood like people thought. “I wish I could do it over. I wish the tabloids would get their stories straight. I’m not a cokehead like they’re saying." And if you’re wondering, yes, Kloie’s grandma is still sober too.

  8. Are Bar and Ashley still getting married?

    Maybe, but not anytime soon -- and surprisingly, it has nothing to do with Shen. “Going to school and getting my career is what I want to do before I get married,” Ash said. “I have an order of things.”

  9. Does Bar regret attacking Ashley’s sister at his birthday party?

    Yes. “I’m a man. I’m not supposed to put my hands on a female -- that’s how I was raised," he said. "It was rage and emotion… I do regret it. It was just a bad decision on my end.”