Home Improvement: Which Of Jade's Young And Pregnant Relationships Will Make Strides?

Right now, she's at odds with both her mom and her baby daddy

All season long on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, Jade has been hot and cold with two important people in her life: her mother Christy and her baby daddy Sean. We watched her and her mom turn minor mother/daughter arguments into full-on blowouts, while she and her longtime beau fought so much after Baby Kloie came along they eventually called off their engagement.

In the finale, things seem to be going well at least for one of these duos: Christy asked Jade to join her for a much-needed mother/daughter dinner. “I feel like she noticed she wasn’t as present,” Jade told her cousin Jasmine of the invite.

But before they even had time to talk out their issues over a meal (though that didn’t go so well last time...), the women got into a fight on the way to the restaurant over how to get there, resulting in them calling each other “know-it-alls” -- and Christy requesting she be dropped off at the next exit.

“I’m not going to deal with this s**t all the way there -- that's ridiculous,” the grandma said after fighting with Jade over the GPS’s directions. “I try to get along with you every time I’m f**king around you. [I] gotta walk on pins and needles around you. It’s f**king ridiculous.”

And while Kloie’s parents didn’t have a full-on fight on this week’s episode, their relationship didn’t move forward either. Jade admitted they’re “cordial” but she’s single, and Sean told his sister he wanted to be with his baby mama but didn’t want their daughter around all the fighting.

So which relationship do you think is more salvageable? Will Jade ever have better communication with her mom, or does she stand a better chance of forming a decent co-parenting relationship with her ex? Vote below, and tune into the Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant reunion Monday at 10/9c!