Will Vinny Send Paola And Nino Packing On Family Vacation?

He certainly didn't expect his mom and uncle (plus that Speedo) to arrive in Miami

Nothing can stop a worried mama bear from tracking down her MIA son. And, well, nothing can stop Uncle Nino either.

On the latest Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, the gang had just left for Bimini when Vinny's mom Paola called the duck phone... only to receive no answer. When Uncle Nino suggested they pack their bags (and a hell of a lot of food) and trade Staten Island for Florida sunshine, Paola was unsure. "You think he'll get mad at me?" she asked.

All it took was a little prodding from Nino, who had his own priorities for heading to Miami.

"Me and Pauly, we'll get some broads together," said the sixtysomething ladies' man.

Upon their arrival, Vin's mom was appalled that her son and his friends would leave a messy shore house, dirty breakfast dishes and all. Paola's advice? "Never leave your house without making your bed."

While she spent time cleaning and cooking up a nice Italian meal for the clueless crew, Uncle Nino settled right in with "a good cigar and a glass of f**king wine," then quickly got acquainted with the Sammi doll.

"We'll do things later, me and you," he cooed from his perch beside the pool. "I swear, you look like Jackie O from here."

But then the roommates returned from their vacation from the vacation -- and were shocked to see their unexpected houseguests.

"Oh my God, are you f**king kidding me?" Vinny asked upon spotting a Speedo-wearing Uncle Nino.

And tbh, we don't blame him for the shook reaction. The gang had just started to recover from Angelina's whirlwind visit, and now Paola and Nino. So what will the keto guido do with his unexpected guests? Will he chill out and let them stay, or will he send his fam back to Staten Island without any hot-tub time?

Tell us your thoughts, then find out what happens on Thursday at 8/7c!