The Next Step: Are Young And Pregnant's Kyler And Lexi Ready To Buy A Home Together?

A trip to Arizona may have been a 'test run' for the real thing

We’ve seen a whole lot of growth in Kyler thusfar on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant; even Lexi admitted she saw a new side of her high school beau once their son Tobias was born. But is the on-again couple ready for their next major adult move -- buying a home together?

Lexi had previously told her mom Amber that she and Kyler were saving up money in the hopes that they would move out of their parents’ places in the near future. So when Lexi asked Amber on this week’s episode for permission to go on a family road trip for spring break to Arizona, her beau’s hometown, Amber wasn’t wrong to ask if they’d be looking for “residency” while there.

But Lexi insisted the excursion was “just for fun." “This trip is not at all for going to look [at houses],” she told her mother.

Still, though the teen revealed in a separate conversation with Kyler that eventually she wanted to move to the Grand Canyon State. So this begs the question: Are Lexi and Kyler, who just got back together, ready for this big step? Vote below, and tune into the Young and Pregnant reunion on Monday at 10/9c!