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Riverdale Fans Are Not OK After Jughead's Heartbreaking Sacrifice

Pour out a milkshake for our favorite Serpent 💔

So much happened in the penultimate episode of Riverdale's second season ("Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgment Night") that I honestly don't know how we're all still breathing.

The Black Hood was finally revealed (though, not before murdering poor Doctor Masters), and now there's a copycat killer on the loose. But nothing was as shocking — or as heartbreaking — as the episode's final moments, in which Jughead Jones offered himself up as collateral to Penny Peabody and the Ghoulies (who were being paid by Hiram Lodge, FYI) to save the Serpents.

The brutal beat-down left Jughead looking lifeless in FP's arms at the episode's end, and his fate hangs in the balance going into the Season 2 finale. Needless to say, fans are in total shock. Riverdale can't kill off Jughead Jones, right?! Actor Cole Sprouse stoked the flames, tweeting "Grateful, thank you #riverdale" after the episode aired, leading some to believe that Juggie's demise may be permanent.

Fans are thoroughly freaking out right now. Of course, everyone processes their grief a bit differently. Some led with anger:

And denial:

Others, with defeat:

Most were just really heartbroken:

But let's be real: Riverdale is not killing off Jughead Jones. Who else is going to narrate this show?