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Groot's Final Line In Avengers: Infinity War Will Break Your Heart

This might be the saddest goodbye of all

If you don't know how Avengers: Infinity War ends and want to keep it that way, exit this post immediately. Spoilers all around.

From the moment Thanos snapped his fingers and eliminated half of the universal population until the theater went dark after the post-credits scene, Avengers: Infinity War served one heartbreaking goodbye after another. It's hard to say which goodbye was the most heartbreaking — Okoye watching as our king T'Challa disintegrated into dust, or Peter Parker's improvised evaporating plea as he desperately clung to Tony Stark?

Not that it's a competition, but we have one more gut-wrenching moment to consider: Groot's.

In the final moments of teen Groot's existence (for now?), he turns to Rocket Raccoon and delivers three words we've all heard countless times before, "I am Groot." Even though we can tell this isn't a happy moment, the gravity of the phrase has since gone unnoticed. James Gunn has stepped in to make sure we know just how sad this goodbye was, revealing the English translation.

According to the Guardians of the Galaxy writer and director, in this case, "I am Groot," means, "Dad."

To complete the visual, just before the majority of the Guardians bit the dust, moody, sassy, adolescent Groot turned to tough-loving Rocket Raccoon and said, "Dad."


If you need me, I'll be mentally volleying between replays of Groot's final moment and Spider-Man's while sobbing under my desk for the remainder of the day.