YouTube/Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth And Kehlani Are Basically Crying In The Club In 'Done For Me' Video

Luxuriating in neon too

Charlie Puth, who's sporting a mop top these days, makes sure to show it off from multiple angles in his new music video for "Done For Me," a nocturnal Kehlani collab that slinks along with pangs for connection.

There's a really great scene where Puth kind of dances in front of a wall of mirrors, effectively recreating an unintentional dance I did one time at Macy's as a I struggled to try on a new pair of pants in the changing room — but, you know, he does it much better.

It's a luxurious visual, with both singers bathing in swathes of neon light and looking moody on silken bedspreads and in hot tubs. Kehlani, for her part, gets an extended feature that includes her own verse, which is nice to hear, especially on a song as indebted to neo-funk as this one.

By the end of the clip, all three — Puth, Kehlani, and a third character in the vid — are partying in this palatial hall of mirrors. But they're not necessarily cozying up.

Puth's second album, Voicenotes, drops on May 11 and also features his equally thunderously bass-heavy hits "Attention" and "How Long." Check out the full "Done For Me" video above.