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5SOS’ New Song ‘Youngblood’ Is An Absolute ‘Monster,’ According To Niall Horan

They're still having girl problems :(

During a concert in Stockholm, Sweden, last month, 5 Seconds of Summer performed a new song called “Youngblood” for the very first time. Guitarist Michael Clifford introduced it by telling the crowd, “This next song embodies everything that the third record is gonna be.” On Friday (April 13), the studio version of “Youngblood” finally arrived, and if what Clifford said is true, then the band’s upcoming third album is looking mighty promising.

“Youngblood” (no, it’s not a Green Day cover) begins as a slow, simmering reflection of the push and pulls of a relationship, before exploding into a synth-pop banger on the chorus. As the song keeps building, frontman Luke Hemmings gets increasingly bitter, snarling, “So who you been calling, baby? Nobody could take my place / When you looking at those strangers, hope to God you see my face.”

5SOS' buddy Niall Horan called the new song a “monster” with five exclamation points — listen below and decide for yourself if you agree.

“Youngblood” follows 5SOS' March comeback single, “Want You Back,” which signaled a big sonic change for the Aussie band. Speaking about their new, more pop-friendly sound, Luke Hemmings said, “We had to move forward and test our songwriting and progress. It was the greatest thing we could do — we were hungry for something new and exciting. It felt like starting the band again!”

5SOS 2.0 will drop their third album, also titled Youngblood, on June 22.