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Camila Cabello Debuts New Songs ‘Scar Tissue’ And ‘Sangria Wine’ On Tour

One's a sizzling Pharrell collab and the other's a Charli XCX-written healing anthem

Oh, Camila Cabello, you tease.

On the first stop of her Never Be The Same Tour on Monday night (April 9) in Vancouver, Cabello treated fans to a couple of unreleased tunes, letting it be known that she has more gold in that precious musical vault of hers.

First up was “Sangria Woman,” which sounds like the lustier, tipsier cousin of Cabello’s smash “Havana.” The singer previously teased the searing, Rihanna-esque track last year, revealing that she and Pharrell had collaborated on it while working on “Havana” together. In fan-shot footage from the concert, you can hear Pharrell’s voice on the instantly catchy chorus, while Cabello sings her verses in both English and Spanish.

Next up was “Scar Tissue,” a mid-tempo ballad that had previously leaked to the internet and features a writing credit from Charli XCX. Joking that fans were already familiar with the track, Cabello encouraged them to sing along to the healing anthem’s sparse outro: “I’m going home, I’m trying / I’m trying.”

Cabello also delivered a heartfelt speech about “Scar Tissue,” saying, “I don’t know if you guys know this, but scar tissue is the piece of skin that grows back. It grows on top of the skin that’s been burned or been hurt. And it’s the body’s way of healing. When I wrote this part of the song, it felt like I was healing.”

She continued, “I just want you to know, that if any of you are going through a tough time or are lost, I just want you to be patient and be loving and be brave, and treat yourself like if you were your own best friend. … I promise you that one day, you’re gonna look in the mirror and you’re not only gonna be better for it, but you healed is gonna be better than the you that was unbroken.”

Earlier this year, Cabello spoke about “Scar Tissue” during an interview with Beats 1. She said, “I’m holding it. I’m hoping to just, like, develop it more for something else or for the next album or whatever.”

Here’s hoping both “Sangria Wine” and “Scar Tissue” make the cut on whatever Cabello’s cooking up next — perhaps a deluxe edition of Camila?! Until then, fans should get plenty more live versions of the songs to tide them over. Cabello continues her 20-date tour throughout Canada and the U.S. this spring, before spending the rest of her summer on the road with Taylor Swift and Charli XCX for the Reputation Tour. Here’s to many more “magical” tour nights ahead!