Are You The One? Vs. Ex On The Beach: Which Experience Was More Stressful?

Find out what the shows' cast members think (and please excuse the profanity)

A few MTV folks can say they experienced Are You the One? and Ex on the Beach. But how would they compare the dating-type experiences based on stress levels -- more specifically, the difference between finding your perfect match and residing with your ex (on the beach)?

"Living with my ex was more stressful than trying to find her in the first place," Season 5 vet Andre confessed to MTV News (as seen in the clip above). "Finding her was easy. Getting her was not even that hard. But living with her was bulls**t."

Season 4 alum Cameron also agrees that living with your ex is a bunch of BS.

"I liked trying to find my perfect match because I [had] 10 single girls -- it's not like you go to a bar and you're like, 'Oh s**t, who's single [and] who's not?' There was like 10 right there... so that was f**king fantastic. So, yeah, living with your ex is worse."

But what do Joe, Shanley and Taylor think? Let's just say the AYTO group doesn't totally agree when it came to this query. Plus, how would Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise contestants Chase and Jasmine describe being on the Bachelor franchise versus Ex on the Beach? Watch the clip to find out, and don't miss these singles/exes when Ex on the Beach begins this Thursday at 9/8c.