JWOWW Just Dropped A Heartbreaking Bombshell On Family Vacation

Anyone got a tissue?

Mike and Jenni got real (like, really real) on this week's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation: During a heart-to-heart conversation, The Situation recounted his struggles with substance abuse -- and JWOWW made a heartbreaking revelation of her own.

It all happened over breakfast while the other roommates were sleeping off their hangovers (or in Ronnie's case, clogging the toilet again). The two recalled being major messes in Italy (Season 4 of Jersey Shore), and that's when Mike opened up about his bumpy road to recovery. He admitted he attempted to get his "s**t together" toward the end of Jersey Shore but ultimately failed.

"I was trying to do it by myself," he said. "I would be sober for a year, but still maybe smoke weed."

When Jenni asked about the turning point in his sobriety, Mike said he eventually realized his way wasn't working and he had to come to terms with his "obsessive personality." He added that when he was fighting Ronnie (and various concrete walls), he was actually suffering from substance withdrawal.

Jenni then dropped a heartbreaking bombshell of her own -- one we've never heard until now.

"Like three or four weeks before Italy, my grandmother passed, and me and Roger actually lost a baby. Like, I ended up pregnant. Not a lot of people know," she shared. "And they put me on medication because of it, because I could't handle life."

The mother of two added that she wound up on a dangerous combination of downers and uppers throughout their time in Florence. But she made it through the adversity, and she and Mike agreed that they're far better people in their 30s due to being so "f**king wild" in their 20s.

"Listen," Mike said. "There is hope for the youth, the way The Sitch came out on top."

For more Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, tune in to the show on Thursday at 8/7c. And if you or someone you know may be struggling with substance abuse, head to halfofus.com for ways to get help.