Diplo’s ‘Suicidal’ Video Shows Us The Surprisingly Somber Side Of Desiigner

You've never seen the rapper this muted

If you’ve been lying awake at night wondering what Desiigner’s been up to ever since his “Panda” domination, don’t worry — he’s simply been roaming shirtless around New York, winter weather be damned.

At least, that’s precisely what the Brooklyn rapper is doing in Diplo’s new video for “Suicidal,” a woozy collaboration from the DJ’s recently released California EP. In the Shomi Patwary-directed clip, Desiigner, Diplo, and a few impeccably dressed models pensively wander the Manhattan streets at nighttime. All the while, Desiigner muses, “Tryna hold on the ledge, I’m falling off / Life of Desiigner, zombie walking, I’m walking off.”

“Suicidal” gives us a darker and much more emotional side of the typically spazzy, hyped-up Desiigner. But, according to the man himself, that’s just because there are “different sides” to him.

As for Diplo, he explained the origins of the song in a YouTube comment, writing, “Desiigner came over for a few days and just locked in on that beat. We wrote a scratch and then a few months later cut the vocal and we had a good track. For me its a sort of compromise between some of my favorite producers like Flume and Mura Masa and a real hip-hop energy that Desiigner brings.”

“Suicidal” is just the latest in a string of new visuals from Diplo — he’s also released vids for the California collabs “Look Back” with DRAM and “Worry No More” with Lil Yachty and Santigold.