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CHVRCHES' 'Never Say Die' Is The Perfect Soundtrack For Fighting Killer Robots

If that particular situation should arise

Ever since CHVRCHES rumbled back into our consciousness with the stadium-sized "Get Out" and the cold, broody "My Enemy," everything has pointed to a 2018 full of massive moments for the Scottish trio. Besides some great singles, they've been relatively chill in the lead-up to their third album, Love Is Dead, which drops on May 25.

But on Thursday (March 29), CHVRCHES shared yet another buzzsaw-synth attack of a single called "Never Say Die" — and from the sound of this one, despite its seemingly despondent title, Love Is Dead could very well be about finding the resolve to rise above whatever's keeping you down.

"Never never never ever, never ever ever say die," goes the chorus here as vocalist Lauren Mayberry's voice rises above a metallic forest fire of keyboard tones and electronic layers. It's great and powerful, and taken together, it could totally soundtrack, like, the final scene in The Terminator when Linda Hamilton, hardened but victorious after a fight with a robotic killing machine, drives directly into a coming desert storm.

CHVRCHES have also been on a hot streak with covers lately, first with The 1975's "Somebody Else," and then with Beyoncé's sky-high "XO." But nothing will make you want to apply under-eye paint and tie a Rambo bandana around your head like the Olympics-ready "Never Say Die."

Check out the song above and get absolutely pumped to run six miles or paint your house or fight off deadly robots in Westworld or whatever you gotta do today.