Chelsea Guglielmino/FilmMagic

Charlie Puth Brings A Hopeful Message To March For Our Lives In New Live Video

Via his new song 'Change'

Over the weekend, over a million people joined together in cities across the United States (and internationally) as part of March for Our Lives, the gun-control demonstration that's being called one of the largest youth protests since the Vietnam War. One of those people was Charlie Puth.

In Los Angeles, Puth stood onstage in front of a keyboard and performed his latest song, "Change," donning an "Enough" t-shirt and singing lyrics like, "If loving one another's wrong / Then how are we supposed to / Get close to each other? / We gotta make that change."

The performance clip is interspersed with footage from the L.A. branch of the march and its participants' evocative, incredible signage. And the studio version features veteran singer-songwriter James Taylor, so you can look out for that on Puth's upcoming second album, Voicenotes (or listen to it here in the meantime.)

Other celebrities joined the march, too, including Miley Cyrus, who performed her inspirational song "The Climb"; Ariana Grande, who sang "Be Alright"; Camila Cabello; Kim Kardashian, Kanye, and North West; Lauren Jauregui, and more.

Watch MTV News' on-the-ground coverage from the March for Our Lives below.