Cue The Expletives: MTV's Ex On The Beach Cast Is Enraged

They thought they were on a regular dating series. Psych!

They lied, all right.

MTV is flat-out admitting that it hoodwinked the entire cast of its new reality show, Ex on the Beach, by telling the group of reality TV stars that they'd be participating in a regular dating show set in paradise. The truth: All those love hopefuls are actually getting some unwelcome visitors -- or, as rapper/actor/show host Romeo puts it in the brand-new trailer, below, "Your exes are crashing the party, baby." Bam!

So how did the contestants react? Cue the expletives. In fact, Cory from MTV's Real World: Ex-plosion and subsequent Challenge seasons was especially, um, vocal about his displeasure.

"Why the F**K did I sign up for this show?" he asks in the clip. We're not sure, buddy, but after Real World did you dirty in pretty much the same way, aren't you kinda used to it? Just asking.

Meanwhile, the other cast members -- from shows like The Bachelorette, Big Brother, Real World, Bachelor in Paradise, Vanderpump Rules, Are You The One? and Bad Girls Club -- are similarly PO'd. In all, we counted two OMGs, two f-bombs, another cuss word, and even some tears in the trailer. And seriously, doesn't that make it must-see TV already?

For all the glorious drama, watch the clip, then stay with MTV News for more Ex on the Beach updates. And get ready for a meet-the-cast launch special at 10/9c on Thursday April 12 and the show's official debut on Thursday, April 19 at 9/8c.