Ronnie May Get In 'A Lot Of Trouble' On Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

His words, not ours

Bringing back girls (and guys) to the Smush Room Jersey Shore house was prettttty common back in the day (before a bunch of the cast members settled down with exclusive partners). Now, Ronnie is continuing the tradition of inviting folks to the gang's abode. And this time, it was a mysterious French woman he was grinding on met at the club.

"You're gonna get me into a lot of trouble," he told the gal during tonight's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation episode --- post-jacuzzi adventures with some other ladies plus Pauly and Vinny. Uh-oh...

When the woman (nicknamed French Fry) asked about seeing the house, Ronnie obliged -- and took a big sip of his beverage. Meanwhile, Vinny had other thoughts about his pal's actions.

"It was cute in the club; it was funny. He might have flirted with the line, but to me, he's taking it way too far right now," the Keto Guido said as Ronnie and French Fry made their way up the "tricky stairs." Oh, and Rahhhnn Ron did point out his ex-girlfriend (aka the Sammi doll) during the tour.

But back to the situation. When Ron brought the woman into his bathroom, he promptly shut the door -- and that's when Pauly quickly came a knocking. So what exactly happened? We will have to wait until next week to find out -- so be sure to keep watching Jersey Shore: Family Vacation every Jerzday Thursday at 8/7c.