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Zoey Deutch Threatens A 'Grown-Ass Man' In This Exclusive Scene From Flower

Strapped for cash and bored as hell, Erica Vandross is not your typical teen heroine

Erica Vandross is not here for your bullshit. The disaffected teen heroine of Max Winkler's dark indie comedy Flower, out this weekend, is rough around the edges. Part scammer, part vigilante, Erica (played by Zoey Deutch) is allergic to things like responsibility and feelings — and, honestly, she's kind of an asshole.

But that's what makes Deutch's unruly performance in Flower so refreshing; she isn't trying to be likable. She's a rebellious spirit adrift in a world that constantly tells her to smile and behave.

Strapped for cash and bored as hell, Erica spends her days riding around town with her two best friends, busting grown-ass men for paying underage girls for blow jobs — and blackmailing them for money.

As seen in our exclusive clip from the film, above, Erica has no time for pitiful sex offenders, especially ones who only have $400 in their bank accounts.

You might not agree with their methods, but Erica and her friends, Kala (Dylan Gelula) and Claudine (Maya Eshet), are as messy and complicated as Flower itself. Deutch and Winkler know that teen girls don't want to be pandered to, and, more importantly, that the complexities of girlhood aren't something that can be tied up in a neat little pink bow by the film's end.

Sometimes teen girls can be the villains in their own stories too.

Flower hits theaters March 16, 2018.