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Ross Lynch Will Be Sabrina's Sweetheart In Netflix's Chilling Teenage Witch Reboot

Lynch will play dreamboat Harvey Kinkle opposite Kiernan Shipka's teenage witch

Fresh off his harrowing breakthrough performance as serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in My Friend Dahmer, Ross Lynch has scored another chilling role in Netflix's dark reimagining of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

The former Disney Channel star has landed the coveted role of Sabrina Spellman's (Kiernan Shipka) dreamy high school sweetheart, Harvey Kinkle. According to Entertainment Weekly, which first broke the news of Lynch's casting, Harvey is "the prince charming of this dark fairy tale."

The son of a Greendale coal miner, poor Harvey is oblivious to the dark forces "conspiring to keep him and Sabrina apart."

Based on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, a horror title from Archie Comics, the Netflix drama will follow the titular teenage witch as she struggles to balance her normal life as a sophomore at Baxter High with her dark education as a sorceress. So it sounds like Harvey will be Sabrina's light as she battles the growing darkness consuming Greendale.

In the comics, Sabrina is forced to decide if she wants to commit herself to the coven or try and live a normal teenage existence with her beau Harvey on the eve of her 16th birthday. But when a supernatural foe from her family's past, who goes by the name Madam Satan, wanders into town with her own nefarious agenda, things start to really get, well, very chilling.

Lynch is the latest addition to the cast. As previously announced, Shipka will take on the role of the teen savior Sabrina, and Paper Towns star Jaz Sinclair will play her best friend, Rosalind Walker. Meanwhile, Lucy Davis has been cast as Aunt Hilda, and Miranda Otto as Aunt Zelda. Most importantly, the feline stepping into the paws of Salem the cat is ready for his close-up.

Riverdale creator and Archie Comics chief creative officer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who penned the original graphic novel for Archie, will serve as executive producer alongside super-producer Greg Berlanti.