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Lil Yachty Gets Candid About Why Big Rappers Are Lame

⛵️MTV News spoke with Lil Boat ⛵️

Lil Yachty proves time is a mistress riding on a turbulent sea. She waits for no man or boat. The former King of the Teens is now 20, which is basically the new 30 in a genre powered and consumed by the youth.

Last Friday (March 9), the world received Lil Boat 2. It is a stark departure from the pop-focused affair of his debut album, Teenage Emotions. Instead of crossover appeal, Yachty's second studio album seeks to place his bars toward the center and move past the "devasted and confused" reception of his first album. In an interview with MTV News, Yachty described what he dislikes about big artists and how he tries to embrace a new generation of rapper.

"If I ever see new talent that's super dope, I like to tell them," said Yachty. "Artists, man, I hate these big artists, man. These guys are secretly behind closed doors bumping all these new kids' music — loving it, replaying it all the time. Know all the lyrics, but they'll never tell them. They'll never reach out and say, 'Man, I like your song' or 'I love your mixtape.' Love it, man. Like love the person's music, but never tell them. I think that's lame.

The Quality Control rapper also revealed when we could expect to hear his upcoming collab projects with Takeoff, Gucci Mane and Migos.

"Takeoff is awesome," said Yachty. "Gotta catch him when I can catch him. You know, it's very hard, but when I do catch him, it's awesome. He's so funny. He pull me to the side all the time and he checks on me. He's just an intelligent guy."

Yachty continued that Glacier Boyz — his collaboration mixtape with Gucci Mane and Migos — will be releasing after Lil Boat 2.

"That's very soon actually," said the Quality Control rapper. "That's very soon. Like After Lil Boat 2 drops, not long after."