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Kristen Wiig Is Going Head-To-Head With Gal Gadot In Wonder Woman 2

Wiig's really going to sink her teeth into this villainous role

Kristen Wiig is known for her sharp humor, but does she have the sharp claws to match? She's going to need them when she steps into the nefarious shoes — er, paws — of one of DC's most infamous supervillains: Cheetah. Director Patty Jenkins confirmed today (March 9) that the funny Bridesmaids star had officially signed on to star opposite Gal Gadot in the untitled Wonder Woman sequel, set to hit theaters next year.

"Can't wait to finally work with one of my favorites," Jenkins tweeted, adding that she's "SO excited by what we have planned." Last we heard, the anticipated sequel was set to take place in the U.S.

What makes Wiig a peculiar choice for Cheetah, or Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva, is that the character typically isn't played for laughs. She's got a dry sense of humor. (In the comics, Minerva is British.) But Wiig is a versatile actor who's demonstrated that she can handle heavier material in films like The Skeleton Twins and Welcome to Me.

As for the character, Cheetah is a cat woman (but not that Catwoman), with the feline abilities of agility and strength. She's regarded as one of Wonder Woman's most legendary foes.

Although Minerva isn't the only person to take up the Cheetah mantle — the first being debutante Priscilla Rich — she's arguably the most beloved, having been introduced in George Pérez’s celebrated Wonder Woman run in the '80s.

An archaeologist with expensive taste, Minerva always has her eyes on the rarest, most exquisite artifacts, including Diana's Lasso of Truth. Will her thirst for the finer things lead her to Wonder Woman? We'll have to wait and see.