Should Kayleigh Have Toughed Out The Challenge To Fight For Gold?

TJ doesn’t usually like a quitter, but even he thought Kayleigh had her reasons to split

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger — or sometimes, in the case of The Challenge, it can send you home.

On tonight’s episode, British newbie Kayleigh somehow found herself at the center of some serious house drama when Devin committed himself to taking Johnny Bananas down. Devin, who’d already been voted into The Ring, decided to unleash a new smear campaign — he let a rumor fly that Johnny Bananas and Kayleigh had been hooking up. As Natalie was understood to be Johnny’s kinda-sorta girlfriend in the house, the gossip didn’t sit well with many housemates.

Kayleigh admitted Johnny aggressively kissed her once, but insisted it was long before he and Natalie began hanging out. And while Bananas didn’t take much flak for the rumor, Kayleigh was tormented by Kailah, Jemmye and some of the house’s other girls. At one point, the ladies catapulted Kayleigh’s bed and suitcase off of the house’s balcony and down into glassware that had been resting on the first floor.

“Natalie has the right to feel comfortable in her room,” Jemmye said coldly. “So Kayleigh is gonna have to leave the room…I kind of did her a favor — her stuff is now closer to the door.”

But Kayleigh and other housemates saw the move as cruel — even TJ ultimately reprimanded the girls for their actions.

“Am I in a zoo with crazy f**king animals?” Kayleigh said. “Is it normal? Is this what happens here? People destroy people’s personal belongings? And over a lousy kiss — it wasn’t even that great. It’s just pathetic.”

Ultimately, to spare herself any further anguish, Kayleigh decided to remove herself from the game. But should she have tried to tough it out, and is there a chance she could have gone the distance?

What do you think — should Kayleigh have stuck out the remainder of The Challenge even with the girls of the house against her? Or, was it all too much, and was she smart to split and take care of her mental health? Share your thoughts and tune in to an all new Vendettas Tuesday night at 9/8c!