Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa Dressed As Suicide Squad's Fave Couple For Their Son's Birthday

Harley and Mr. J got all dolled up for Bash's big day

There are birthday parties at Dave & Buster's — and then there are birthday parties at Dave & Buster's thrown by Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa that involve tons of super hero costumes and two solid efforts at replicating the looks worn by Suicide Squad's boldest characters.

Instead of hosting a typical shindig for their little boy, Sebastian (a/k/a Bash), Amber and Wiz opted to go all-out to celebrate his fifth birthday — and that meant donning some face paint, and in Amber's case, some pigtails fit for a villainous vixen.

Bash and Wiz both rocked Jared Leto's lime green Joker 'do, along with his face tats; Amber's head-to-toe look is the carbon copy of one Margot Robbie wore in the movie, right down to Harley Quinn's t-shirt and fishnets combo.

Though Amber and Wiz split back in 2014, they've remained super close friends, supporting each other in their various endeavors and teaming up to co-parent Bash.

Let the record show that they're not only great parents, but great party hosts, too — especially when killer costumes are involved.