Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Are Putting A Famous Spin On Family Feud


This is such a good idea that it's slightly shocking they haven't tried this before, to be honest: Kim Kardashian shared that her family is going to be competing in a celebrity edition of Family Feud, and even Kanye West is getting in on the Steve Harvey-hosted fun.

On February 24, Kim and her family opted to spend a Saturday on the set of the popular game show (instead of the set of their own reality TV show, i.e. their house).

Does this mean that Kim and Kanye will face all of her sisters, her mom, and Rob?! Because if so, it seems like the Kardashian-Jenners may have the upper hand based on strength in numbers alone — especially if the kids don't make the age cut-off. (Apparently, North West is too young to participate, though she'll surely be cheering her parents on from backstage.)

That's NBD to Kim, though, who was super confident about her and Kanye's chances: "I have a good feeling about this, that we're going to win."

Both Kim and Khloé Kardashian posted vids from set, and it looks like Kendall and Kris are repping for Team Jenner. (Kylie, presumably, was home with baby Stormi.)

So, who's the champ of this particular feud? We have no idea when the episode is airing yet, but one thing's for sure: If we're judging this contest based on entertainment value alone, we're all winners if we get to watch these sisters and the rest of their loved ones goof off before a live studio audience.