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Black Panther's Letitia Wright Is Rap Royalty Now, Too


Letitia Wright is a shining light in every Black Panther scene she's in, but the actress is flexing her talents off-screen, too — and thankfully her co-stars and crew are there to capture the moments where she's rhyming like a hip-hop champion.

Back on Black Panther's release day, Lupita Nyong'o celebrated the occasion by posting a vid of her and Wright spitting bars in the back of a car. That's when MC Underbite made her grand debut, proving that the actress can kick ass when the future of Wakanda's at stake and when she's got a few minutes to spare with a sick beat behind her.

Now — a week after Black Panther's historically huge debut — Wright's looking back on some of the behind-the-scenes footage she's got from shooting the movie, and she shared a clip of her rocking Shuri's battle gear while rapping her face off on set.

Given that Kendrick Lamar's made it known that he's super interested in joining the Black Panther cast for the potential sequel, maybe this means hip-hop will work its way from the soundtrack into the story itself.

It's safe to say that Wright (and Nyong'o) will be ready for that musical challenge if that comes to pass, but in the meantime, please appreciate MC Underbite in all her freestyle glory.