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So Fetch! Rachel McAdams Is Reportedly Pregnant With Her First Child

She won't be a regular mom, she'll be a cool mom

Today in totally fetch news, Rachel McAdams is reportedly pregnant with her first child!


Though the actress, 39, has yet to comment, E! has confirmed the news with “multiple sources.” McAdams notably skipped the Los Angeles premiere of her new comedy Game Night on Wednesday (February 21), which prompted speculation.

As for the father? Sorry to shatter your teenage dreams, but it’s not Ryan Gosling, a.k.a. the Noah to McAdams’s Allie. The actress keeps her private life very private, but she was spotted holding hands with screenwriter Jamie Linden (Dear John, Money Monster) back in 2016. According to E!, the pair have been seeing each other for “quite a while,” so he seems like the safest bet.

While the world waits to find out if McAdams will announce her pregnancy — or if she’ll pull a Kylie Jenner and keep it totally top-secret — we’re sending congratulations to the reported mama-to-be. Here’s hoping she won’t be a regular mom, but a cool mom.