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Quavo Definitely Earned His MVP Trophy At The 2018 NBA Celebrity All-Star Game

And his Migos mates were there to watch him win it!

It's been a great week for Migos: Culture II has just bypassed the 1 billion mark on the streaming front, and Quavo not only played like a champ at the 2018 NBA Celebrity All-Star Game on February 16, but took home a trophy like one, too.

The rapper — who was one of the most athletic additions to this year's Celeb All-Star Game roster, given his proven excellence on the football field — scored 19 points over the course of the game, and was cheered on by Offset and Takeoff right up until L.A.'s Verizon Up Arena emptied out.

Justin Bieber, former Celeb All-Star MVP himself, was stoked for Quavo as well.

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Quavo didn't get through the game without a couple of bumps, though, and he accidentally knocked Rachel DeMita to the floor with an aggressive block. (He offered her a massage to make up for it, and she accepted his apology.)

Between the trophies, the wins, and the massive streaming milestones, it's a real good time to be Migos. Congrats on and off the court, guys!