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Justin Bieber Shares His Honest Review Of Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl Performance

'You are a natural born performer'

The Justins are sticking together. Following Justin Timberlake’s halftime performance at the Super Bowl on Sunday (February 4) — where he cruised through all his best bangers of yesteryear — Justin Bieber has weighed in on the marathon medley.

Bieber’s praised Timberlake in the past — he once explained how their careers mirror one another’s, and has even covered JT in concert — but this rapturous review goes above and beyond.

“Loved this performance,” Bieber wrote on Instagram, accompanied by a pic of JT. “So much prep for a performance like this, memorization, hits, choreography, while not running out of breath and singing in tune! You stayed in pocket effortlessly. You are a natural born performer and you make people all around the world smile when you are on that stage!! Loved cheering you on brotha!”

Bieber also couldn’t help but throw in a little jab at Timberlake’s red neck bandana, adding, “Oh and by the way didn’t know you were a blood! KIDDING! Again kudos JT @justintimberlake.”

Based on Bieber’s glowing review, I can’t help but wonder if he’ll use the Man of the Woods singer’s latest display of showmanship to fuel his next era. After all, Bieber was clearly burned out toward the end of his Purpose world tour last year, and maybe Timberlake is the inspiration he needs to dive back into his own music. Hopefully we’ll find out soon!