Lana Del Rey Is 'Doing Fine' After A Man Attempted To Kidnap Her

Orlando police apprehended him before he could get to Lana's show

A Florida man is in custody after he showed up at Lana Del Rey's concert with a knife in an attempt to kidnap her.

On February 2, Del Rey headlined Orlando's Amway Center, and the Orlando Police Department received a tip that Michael Hunt was posting "cryptic, threatening" Facebook statuses that indicated he could be planning to kidnap the singer. The Orlando Sentinel shared some of the posts in question that appear to be written by Hunt, including one in which he said that he wanted "to see my queen on Friday and from that day forward our decisions will be as one."

Hunt, thankfully, was unsuccessful: He approached the Amway Center with tickets to the show and a knife in his possession, but authorities apprehended him within a block of the venue. Orlando PD revealed that Hunt is currently behind held on charges for aggravated assault and attempting a kidnapping with a weapon.

In spite of the scariness of the episode, Del Rey assured her fans that the tour will proceed as planned, and that she's doing "fine."