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Gal Gadot Explains Why She Thinks Her Wonder Woman Director Is 'Incredible'

She's got nothing but love for her 'sister in film'

It doesn't matter that Wonder Woman got snubbed by the Academy this year, as far as Gal Gadot is concerned.

She and the rest of the Wonder Woman cast and crew are already winners because they got to work with director Patty Jenkins, by her logic, and the Lasso of Truth-bearer herself made that perfectly clear in a touching post that praises her director as an "admirable storyteller" and so much more.

Along with a few behind-the-scenes snapshots that show Jenkins at work with Gadot, Chris Pine, and others, Gadot shouted out Jenkins on #femalefilmmakerfriday on February 2 for being the feature-making badass she is.

"There is so much to say about this incredible woman," she wrote, both on Instagram and Twitter. "She’s not only an admirable storyteller. But she is a wonderful leader, not afraid to (literally) get into the trenches. Lucky to call her a collaborator, friend, sister in film."

Jenkins shared the love right back.

We're the ones who are lucky to see the fruits of their incredible creative partnership. Is it Wonder Woman Sequel o'clock yet?