Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Zendaya Marks 'The End Of An Era' And Says Goodbye To Disney Channel

Yes we know there will be re-runs but STILLLLLL

Zendaya has officially graduated from her role as K.C. Cooper, now that the character has flipped the tassel on her cap and is onto a new adventure after the series finale of the hit Disney show.

But it's not just the end of K.C. Undercover, which Zendaya has been starring in since its first episode aired in 2015: It's the end of her Disney Channel career, too, and the triple-threat offered a fond farewell via social media shortly following the airing of the final episode.

The Greatest Showman star apparently received enough "NOOOO!"-es to prompt a casual reminder that re-runs are very much a thing, so K.C. fans can at least console themselves by reliving their favorite moments when they occasionally air.

Still: As Zendaya's star continues to rise, it's a poignant moment as she "continues to grow" into the tons of incredible projects she has before her. Congrats on the closing of this chapter, Z! Onto the next!